The spell was powerful enough that even Freya, despite her own power, was not able to destroy it but only temporary breach, but for only mere moments. He then projected himself on a Spiritual Realm where he found himself in the middle of a forest and entered a hut. He then joins the group and talks to them how every street belongs to everyone, but before he can continue the vampires show up. Later, Ivy comes to tell him some news about a prophecy she remembered and how it's similar to when the Mikaelsons get together due to the dark magic. Vincent went looking for her son, Adam Folsom, having heard from Will Kinney that children were going missing around abandoned houses. Vincent has the typical weaknesses of a witch/human. Sitting on the sofa in the upstairs sitting room, Vincent was laying some tarot cards on a marble table and when Klaus prompted him to cast a locator spell to find their enemies, Vincent replied he already begun. A soon as Vincent cast the spell, Hope regained consciousness and a flock of dead crows fell from the sky around the girl. While the Mikaelsons siblings considered the consequences and were about to make a decision, Hayley had gone in search of her daughter, having a fight with the Hollow inhabiting her. The Hollow complimented Vincent's personality, pointing out that once he enjoyed the power she offered. At Lafayette Cemetery, Vincent is standing at the lycee talking to the Ancestors until he is interrupted by Tristan. After comforting the four girls, Vincent scolded Elijah for his recklessness. In Dead Angels, Vincent casts a cloaking spell in Lafayette Cemetery so Cami won't be found by the Mikaelsons. The conversation quickly degenerated when Dominic mentioned Vincent's dead wife, and Vincent punched Dominic in the face before performing a mutual, painful Pain Infliction spell while Elijah killed the two standing acolytes. Finn, with Vincent's magic, was also able to send an adult werewolf flying through the air, as well as be able to rip out the heart of a hybrid, given the right circumstances. Marcel enlisted Vincent to help him in a power play by creating a barrier for Klaus to be brought to display him for the visiting vampires. Vincent stated the witches were done being on call for him since all he was capable of was use and abuse, using them like pawns in his family's endless self-defeating schemes. He was going to split the Hollow inside four of them. Smiling, Vincent said he would miss Freya when she will leave New Orleans. Vincent showed the pregnant Eva this power and she became more enraptured by it than even he was, frightening him and making her promise to stop. However, those powers came at a very high price. While shuffling the cards, Ivy revealed she used to hear all kinds of wild tales about him. He later walks over to Declan at the cemetery and is about to tell him the truth until Declan reveal he had family and his cousin had worked at Rousseau's, which makes Vincent realize Cami is his cousin. He embraces Ivy, shocked and saddened at what just happened. He later talks to Camille about her feelings for Klaus and his own feelings towards magic. Marcel was not very willing to let him do it since Vincent had told him to kill him in case he had asked Marcel to handle him the Hollow's grimoire, and now he was not sure that Vincent wasn't spellbound by it like he was in the past. Vincent allied with the Mikaelsons once again to defeat their common threat. Klaus didn't believe that the Hollow was still a threat since Hayley had stabbed her to death, but Vincent revealed that she had killed just the Hollow's physical body; her spirit was still around. As the Regent of New Orleans, Vincent had augmented magical powers, given to him by the Ancestors, making him the strongest witch within all of New Orleans. Once inside the little girl, the Hollow set the grimoire on fire, destroying it. Vincent magically broke his neck, but it was too late for saving the thorns, an essential ingredient to perform the sacrificial ritual. A vampire attacks Vincent and he manages to cast a spell, knocking stones onto the vampire's head. A strong wind blows and Vincent is concerned and decides to step out to see what is happening. After the group thinks Lucien is dead, Vincent is trying to recover from being weakened and Lucien then rises, having completed the spell and leaves them all, but not before biting Finn. As he once told Camille, his family were some of the meanest witches New Orleans had ever known. In Queen Death, Vincent came to St. Anne's Church at Maxine's request to witness the profanation of the sacred place made by the Hollow's Acolytes. He is the ex-husband of fellow Trem witch, Eva Sinclair . Vincent tried to reason with the enemies, stating that the Hollow would not live up to the promises, but would condemn them to Hell. Freya replied that she had already lost her brother Finn and by saying it, she made up a plan to save Elijah's soul: trapping it in her talisman like she did for Finn. However, she could never figure out what was fact and what was fiction. The witch incapacitated Marcel before Vincent knocked him over the head. She is the biological daughter of Ms. Claire, the adoptive daughter of Marcellus and Rebekah Mikaelson, and the adoptive sister of Josh Rosza and Nikolaus Mikaelson. However, Vincent replied he didn't know what to do because when it comes to war, Klaus is the best strategist but without Elijah keeping him on track, he didn't know what Klaus would be capable of. He went on to say that Josh shouldn't rely too much on Marcel's advice because Marcel meant Rebekah, causing a chain reaction that would also involve the rest of the Original Vampires (Klaus, Elijah and Kol) and they could not allow them to return to New Orleans, unleashing the Hollow's dark magic on the city once again. When Ivy apologized to Vincent for having predicted something so terrible, he said it was not her fault. He is also the older maternal half . Afterward, Vincent went to Marcel's loft, asking him to have his journal back. The Originals are just dust in the wind. Vincent was raised as a witch by his coven while also maintaining as normal a life as possible, going to college and having a job. Vincent then described the history of the Hollow's cult as the ebb and flow of New Orleans, repeated for centuries through the bloody actions carried out on its soil, mentioning Madame LaLaurie and the Axeman of New Orleans among the countless clues pointing to the Hollow if you knew exactly what and where to look. Vincent sent the Mikaelsons a message that he could help Hope, knowing she was already experiencing the affliction. Vincent denied such insinuation, stating that as soon as Freya told him about Hayley's disappearance, dozens of witches had gone looking for her through the streets of the Crescent City, performing locator to spells find her. Furthermore, he takes it upon himself to help get rid of Eva, despite desiring to get away from the supernatural community. Vincent told him that back when Marcel controlled the city and had the witches under his thumb, Vincent wanted to take him down to make the city safer for witches and tried to gain more power to do so, power Marcel wouldn't have been able to defend against. They were trying to figure it out such an unexpected outcome but had no time because the three cards caught fire in Vincent's hand. In the woods, they ran into some of the acolytes of the Hollow about to celebrate a sacrificial ceremony with the kidnapped children. He tells her that, as Regent, she would have the power of the Ancestors of all the nine covens which would allow her to bring back her dead boyfriend, Kol. Soon after, Vincent was again in the crowd, and he had a vision of Dominic, Sofya's witch-for-hire, holding a white snake, and pointed him to Klaus. The witch agreed to alter Elijah's memories, removing any traces of the "Always and Forever" vow, casting the spell inside a circle made of skulls and bones, creating a breach inside Elijah's mind so that Marcel could compel him. Unfortunately for fans like myself the show is ending, season five is going to be the last. Freya was able to use Vincent's power (channeling him) to create an illusion that disguised Camille - who was in transition at the time - as Aurora. Freya immediately gasped what Vincent had in mind and suggested that there must be another way, but the Mikaelsons eventually accepted to host a part of the Hollow's spirit inside of them, even if it meant staying away from each other for the rest of their days so that the Hollow wouldn't try to reconstitute herself as a whole. She, then, proposed the witch to swear loyalty to her in exchange for getting back that power, but Vincent refused it, wishing for the Hollow to go back to the place she came from. Although the witches were concerned about their relationship because of Eva's wild ways, they let them be because they were both happy. He is a very powerful witch, the former Regent of the Nine Covens of New Orleans and a former member of the Trem Coven. Each was a witch prodigy and their disappearance caused a great deal of fear in the witch community. They were ready to perform the sacrificial ritual, scratching Klaus with the rose thorns and staking him in the heart, quick and painless, but were interrupted by the Hollow's Acolytes threatening Maxine's life. Once everyone had recovered from the fight with the Hollow, Vincent revealed that there was no way he could trap the Hollow now since there was nothing as eternal as the book that he could use host the Hollow's spirit. Hi thank you so much for watching this contains all of Vincent's fights and abilities from The Originals. Or at least, the two main characters at the center of The Vampire . In The Devil Comes Here and Sighs, Vincent is confronted by Van for allying himself with the Mikaelson Family. While the two were talking witches and putting in place what can be saved in the rubble left by the vandals, the Hollow (possessing Sofya's body) entered the church. He then looks back and sees that Cami has disappeared too, and he becomes worried while saying her name. Vincent wished her good luck, and so did Freya. Cami is walking anxiously and Vincent says Klaus has a lot of witch weapons to pack and a lot of pride to swallow. Once Vincent fainted, the acolyte stole the book from the altar. The following day, Vincent was drinking at Rousseau's counter, witnessing a group of vampires and werewolves about to start a fight. Back at the Abattoir, Vincent had traced symbols inside a square with black sand and was placing a white candle at each corner when Rebekah burst into the room, unleashing her frustration over him. Convinced by the Ancestors that instead of killing her, he should help Sofya achieve a common goal, Vincent released her. He tells her there's a reason why he doesn't practice magic anymore because he was drawn to Eva's darkness and he'll always be on guard against that part of himself. Eventually, Vincent agrees to help Marcel and they corner Eva in a herbal shop where Vincent interrogates his wife. Since the Ancestors had not been able to imprison the Hollow's spirit, it was evident that the Hollow's had a plan B. Klaus accused Vincent of helping the Hollow, but Marcel stepped in his favor, stating that he trusted Vincent. In There in the Disappearing Light, he has his hand on Ivy's and while angrily clenching his fist, he hears a gasp and goes to investigate, with one of the witches rising, and walks over to Ivy when she rises as well. Following his impeachment, Vincent worked closely with the Mikaelson Family and their closest allies, in an effort to kill Lucien Castle and stop the Ancestors once and for all. While Elijah tried to state that they accomplished their goal despite the harsh means, Vincent pointed out how little humanity was left inside Elijah. She was later imprisoned in the witch asylum at the Fauline Cottage. He does leave a video for Davina to give her instructions and how she can help trying to find the location where he currently is. He is the husband of Sage Mikaelson. After both are back Davina activates the dark object and the Lafayette cemetery begins shaking, implying the end of the Ancestors' presence among the living witches. Vincent is first seen as Finn's vessel in From a Cradle to a Grave alongside the fourth Harvest girl Cassie, who is possessed by Finn's mother Esther. While dying, she was visited by Greta and was turned by her, and at this . Vincent eventually left his coven, as he no longer was interested in being apart of the supernatural community, wishing instead to live his own life. Cami asks if he feels sorry for him, and Vincent tells her no, but she irritated the wrong person and it will be different for them. Step one required pulling the Hollow out of Hope, and step two to find something else to put it, something just as powerful and everlasting as the Hollow to house it. The Sacrificial Magic Instruction Manual was placed on an altar in front of him. 2 The Hollow. In that very moment, The Ancestors took control over Vincent's mind, showing him images of the prophecy coming to life. Freya casts a spell that puts him to sleep, and it is presumed that Elijah then completes his deal with the witches and hands Vincent over in exchange for Eva Sinclair/Rebekah's freedom from her crimes. With Josephine's death, all of New Orleans witches turned to Vincent as the prime candidate for the position of Regent, an implication of his power and stature. Vincent immediately started unpacking Freya's tools, very concerned that Hope had just created a hybrid. At this point, Freya called him "Mr. Buzzkill" before saying that the witches would spend their time in the City of the Dead. He then tells her that they need to stop the Ancestors, and she nods in agreement with him. Once at the Abattoir, Vincent fought with the Hollow, trapping her with a binding spell. He tells Marcel there might be a way to get Davina out of trouble, but he isn't going to like it. However, he does show considerable levels of skill and power by easily pain inflicting the nearly two centuries old vampire, Marcel Gerard, and knocking him out by telekinetically throwing him out with enough force to snap his neck. Freya's attempts to find excuses for what was done by his niece were worthless and Vincent told her friend to call Keelin and tell her to come back to New Orleans, as there was no way Freya could leave the Crescent City. Vengeful, he goes into the Ancestral Plane with Kol with Josh as their link to the living world where Vincent summons Davina through a spell to her a mystical dark object his wife made to cut off The Ancestors from their Descendants. They get into a heated argument which ends in the Ancestors taking Vincent's title and magic as Regent away and giving it to Van. Ivy suggested asking the tarot cards for guidance, thus being a step ahead of Klaus. Vincent suggested his fellow witches to take their children and leave town for their own safety. Vincent is last seen attending a witch gathering led by Davina, who plans to wage war against the Mikaelsons for tricking her into bringing Esther back from the dead instead of Kol. Sometime later, something changed and the Death card turned over by itself. Maxine confessed that many witches were considering the Hollow's offering, believing that Hollow's rise to power was a better alternative to the alliance with the vampires proposed by Vincent to keep the peace over the last five years. The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Through her marriage, she is the daughter-in-law of Mikael . Enraged, the Hollow threw Vincent across the room with a hand gesture. After Eva's 'death', he burns a photo of her and him and watches it burn, rendering his true feelings. Tristan agrees and Vincent casts the spell. Vincent went out with Marcel to the old Strix base, and explained what they were up against, saying it involved both of their pasts. He is then sent into Eva's mind by Freya Mikaelson with Marcel to save Rebekah. Some witches found her unconscious on the street and took her to Vincent. Josh was confused as he thought Davina was forever lost, but Vincent confirmed that her soul was still somewhere in the Ancestral Plane. Upon regaining his own consciousness, Vincent expressed guilt for Finn's actions. Now that she's no longer in her original immortal body that strong, fast body that can endure . They held hands and knelt in the middle of the sand circle, while Vincent started to chant and channel Marcel, who began to feel the drawbacks. Major spoilers ahead for The Originals series finale, "When the Saints Go Marching In.". Later, after Marcel tracked down and finally captured Sofya, Vincent once again tried to find out who's she working for, a question which Sofya refused to answer as she'd be as good as dead. The Bulldogs (13-9 . After witnessing empires rising and fall, and the succession of several ages, Vincent was surprised that the Mikaelsons still failed to accept the obvious: everything dies. He is the ex-husband of the witch, Eva Sinclair. Once outside on the streets, Vincent telekinetically pinned two acolytes to a brick wall, while Klaus stole from their coats two stakes wrapped in thorns and soaked in Beast's blood. Catching glimpses of visions, Vincent discovered that it was Eva who had been kidnapping the children. Dahlia was one of the most powerful witches in history and the overarching antagonist of The Originals, being the overarching antagonist of its second season. After the Seer made a joke about the place chosen as their first date, Vincent and Ivy sat at the table and concentrated. Using the physical representation of the Hollow's magic, the Sacrificial Instruction manual, Vincent spent a couple of days in a trance-like state entering the spirit realm, contacting the spirit of the Hollow's mother who sought the spell that she used to kill her daughter.
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